Sexta-feira, 13 de Agosto de 2010
Meanwhile, from the deeps of Flash CS4 and ActionScript 3.0 code...

You probably have some questions to ask me.


Well, let's assume you do have some questions.


So... how's that game prototype going?

Something like this.


"That's nothing", you say? Sure, each function looks like it was copy n pasted from the previous one with minor alterations.

Did I mention I have around 20 .as actionscript script files, and I work in at least three at the same time?



I picked up the worst time possible to learn ActionScript 3.0 from scratch, but it was necessary in order to make most of the stuff in the game work as they should, from a RPG text box adapted from a tutorial to a inventory that does work, and interactive elements in the scene backgrounds.

No wonder Steve Jobs doesn't like Flash.

I ended up not doing as much artwork as I wanted, and the background images differ from each other because I used different styles. I could refine them, but at the moment the most important thing to do is having a functional prototype. So far the first puzzle is complete, and I'm deciding if I should throw in the second and third puzzle (which shouldn't take as much work as the first one) or limit myself to the first puzzle and rework on the appearence. This is something I'll decide with my coordinators, since the prototype is going to be tested in September. Speaking of September...


I heard you're going to participate in VideoJogos 2010...


You heard well. There's not much I can say about it for now. Just to think I'll need to present my paper to an audience without stuttering leaves me nervous enough.


Are you going to show screenshots of the game prototype?


Most likely in September, before the conferences.

What about your photos from Greece?


I feel like I own you more photos. For reasons I have yet to understand, the eight slots from the "Most voted" photos in the SAPO Campus Fotos page are filled with my own photos, including one I took while I was inside the airplane over the clouds, and another from a chamber in Meteora filled with skulls (What's wrong with you people?!)

The things is, I have more than 1500 photos from Greece to select and choose the ones I'll upload to SAPO Campus. It's a task for an entire weekend. But don't worry, they'll show up eventually.




In b4 "What happened in Greece?"

While I was preparing my departure for a "epic" journey to Greece, my intention was to write posts on a regular basis so all those interested back in Portugal and UA could follow my dissertation progress and relevant shenanigans.

And if you have been paying attention to the blog, you know that's not really what happened.


I did write a couple of posts during my first months in Trikala and uploaded photos until our trip to Meteora. And then, there was silence. No more photos, no more blog posts until the very last one describing my daily life in Trikala.

You may be wondering what happened during that period from the end of March to the end of June.


I can tell you this much: if I were to write a blog entry inside that time span, it would not be pretty. Instead of the cheerful and informative posts I take pride in writing, you would be greeted with depressive laments against everything and everyone colored with cussing words that would make green frogs turn red.

It wasn't just the dissertation project that had its ups and downs. That was probably the least of my concerns compared with everything else. And to tell you the truth, I was a little ashamed of the progress at the time, and I only wanted to post about it once I had something decent and worth of being part of a master degree dissertation.


I had to face unnecessary drama inside the apartment because of a water heater. We had problems with someone who refused to pay part of his bill and planned on taking financial advantage from us under the excuse of "lessons of responsibility". I returned to Trikala every evening in a bus filled with obnoxious students who didn't know how to keep their mouths shut. Spoiled with UA's meals quality, there were times I could barely endure what they gave us to eat in the canteen (there was one night where there was only green peas for dinner. Nothing else.). I kept myself updated with the current riots from Athens, including the one where three people were killed in a bank fire, and avoided Trikala's central square everytime there was a strike. And my family, so far away from me, was in distress as well but for different reasons. Reasons they only told me once I returned to my hometown in Portugal, and it still amazes me how they managed to keep everything hidden for me during months.

A miracle happened to me when I lost the train that would take me to another station from where I could take a new train to Athens, only to learn later than if I had taken that first train I missed, I would be stuck in a station in the middle of nowhere because there was a strike and there were no trains for Athens at all.


As a ERASMUS student, I could have given better use to my free time and go meet new friends and party all night. The other ERASMUS students besides us were Spanish, and we spent some good quality time in their house. But I ended up not joining them every time they went out to the bars. Because everything disturbed me, from the excessive tobacco scent to the loud music and screams. I'm unable to get drunk like them and I hate beer. I went to cybercafes in hopes I could possibly meet other geeks/nerds like me, but all I found were Facebook whores, MMO addicts and kids playing Modern Warfare 2. It got to a point were I didn't care if I spent all night in my bedroom with a poor Internet connection as long I was able to type away in IRC chatrooms. I tried to be social, but I was unable to fit in.


A lot happened. Minor stuff, but all events together were enough to drive me to something similar to a depression combined with rage. I knew this was not going to be easy, and I could have found myself with worse conditions, but I never expected to see a country with such rich ancient history and legacy fall down like this, with its current young generation more concerned about football, religion and long weekends thanks to strikes, more concerned about excessive makeup and cloth trends than ancient philosophy, culture and history.


Don't get me wrong. Greece has beautiful monuments and landscapes, but I couldn't fit myself in its society. Even my mother says she wants to go visit Greece, but only when its situation stabilizes, least we risk being stuck in Athens with monuments and metro stations closed thanks to riots.

Enough with the bawwing. I have a project to finalize.

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